Jesse Bowline is a Level 29 Lover (not a Fighter), erstwhile writer, and master procrastinator. He frequently views himself as a model example of wasted potential and thinks he is very self-aware, when the truth is probably more that he is overly cynical.

In addition to pixelthèque, he (very) occasionally writes about the terrifying things going on in his head at rhymeswithchaos.

Steele Tyler Filipek
 is an actual honest-to-goodness writer, with published work and everything. His works include numerous short stories, children’s books, stageplays, screenplays, poetry, and several video games (including scripting for Masters of Constantinople and Men in Black: Alien Crisis), in addition to his work as a transmedia producer for Starlight Runner Entertainment. This whole thing was his idea; the only reason he’s second here is because of the alphabet.

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